Day dishes

MondayStewed lentils10,00 €
TuesdayChick with artichoke thisle and chistorra (spicy sausage)10,00 €
WednesdayRoasted baby chicken10,00 €
ThursdayCocido Madrileño (Stewed chickpeas with meat and sausage Madrid syle)17,00 €
FridayPisto (tomate and pepper ratatouille) with eggs10,00 €


Small pieces of fried tuna with natural tomato19,50 €
Tripe madrilian style10,75 €
Butifarra (White sausagge) with mushrooms12,00 €
Iberian lagarto (boneless rib strips)14,50 €
Iberian látigo (pork loin)14,50 €
Iberian pork scallops15,50 €
Boiled prawns (New)18,50 €
Marinade tuna fish with peppers (New)14,20 €
Bacon with oil bread8,90 €
Fresh anchovies Bilabina style (New)9,50 €
Soft creamy round sheep cheese from Extremadura (New)12,00 €
Tempura chickpeas, broken eggs and cod (New)11,90 €
Grilled Iberian pork ribs (New)9,75 €
Unstructured skewer (guindilla pepper, anchovy and olives)8,10 €

I.V.A. included